Wet Leaf Texture in November

Wet dead leaves of Plane and Whitebeam in a heap against the wall on the north side of Greenwood House, 5 November 2022.

Late Afternoon Autumn Sky

The hazy sun shrouded by mist and clouds going down to the west of Greenwood House late on the afternoon of 29th October 2022.

Autumn Beech Leaves 2

Autumn Beech leaves on the cascading lower branches of one of the huge Copper Beech trees on the south side of Greenwood House. The small round holes in the leaves where the light shines through are the places where galls made by minute insects have fallen away once the larvae have emerged.

Autumn Beech Leaves 1

Autumn Beech leaves surviving in the middle of otherwise bare upright branches on a small tree in the Greenwood House car park. The twigs are already bearing leaf buds for next Spring.

Autumn Plane Leaves

Not many leaves left on the trees with all the strong winds we are experiencing lately.

Sunny Misty Morning

As the sun rose yesterday after a cold night, the warmth burned off the dew – creating gently floating clouds of vapour and a misty mid-October morning.

October Maple leaf

October Lime Tree Fruits

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October Beech Mast

The seeds of the beech tree are called mast. They are housed in small spikey shells, and the ground is beginning to be littered with them right now. Some are tenaciously clinging onto the outer wind-whipped branches of the trees despite most of the leaves having already been stripped off in blustery weather.

September Guelder Rose

Changing colour of leaves and autumn berries in Guelder Rose in the Charlton Down Nature Area.