Pine Flowers

At this time of year, if you crane your neck to look upwards as you pass the tall pine trees in the village, you will be able to see the flowers that later develop into the cones. I think the pines are all Scots Pine (Pinus sylvestris). There is one very close to Greenwood House near the boundary with the cricket pitch. Another notable one is positioned near the top of Herrison Road, just on the corner of the lane leading to the allotments. The trees bear both male and female flowers in May. The male flowers are easier to see and consist of clusters of golden anthers set some way back from the tips of the twigs. The female flowers are present at the same time but difficult to spot as two, tiny, crimson-tinted globes at the very tip of a newly expanded shoot.

Information from Know Your Conifers by Herbert L. Edlin,, Forestry Commission Booklet No. 15, HMSO 1970.

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