Lime Tree By The Village Shop

The centre of Charlton Down is marked by the presence of a large lime tree. People come and go every day beneath its canopy to visit the village shop and post office, to meet friends, to sit in the shade, to catch the bus. They pass beneath its branches on their way to the village hall, the playing fields, the cricket ground, to buy from the hot food vans that park nearby, and use it as a rendezvous point for walks into the surrounding countryside. I do not suppose that many villagers notice the tree very much at all. But I like it, and delight in the changes it undergoes from season to season.

3 Comments on “Lime Tree By The Village Shop

  1. How well I understand your impulse to photograph the lime tree over and over in all seasons. It’s always different, isn’t it. Our neighborhood has a large oak tree that I can see from my back window. I haven’t counted how many versions of that tree I have recorded—in sunrises, sunsets, bare branches, snow, spring leaves, and fall leaves. You give me the push to consider posting some of them on my own blog.

    • I may be limited most of the time to short walks around the village, especially with the restrictions brought about by the pandemic over the last two years, but every time I go out the familiar things have changed or look different. Noticing the processes of transition is a mindful and meditative way to be out in nature. It enhances the pleasure and the therapeutic quality of the walks. I hope you will post your own oak tree photos. I look forward to seeing them.

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