Only Grasses 1

Maybe only grasses but I just love them. So many varieties and combinations growing together. They give a sense of peace and calm as you walk through them.

4 Comments on “Only Grasses 1

  1. I understand that feeling. There is a grace to their movements in a breeze and I love the way you sometimes see a ripple across a field, almost like a shiver.

    • I like the swaying grasses too. I have a few short video clips but they never seem to transfer successfully onto the posts, and the wind blowing across the microphone makes a lot of noise.

      • Yes, I agree, if I ever take photos of grasses everything seems flattened out and dull, not the portrait I wanted. And for videos, wind noise. The worst sound, I think, I hate it. So we must just keep our “photos” of grasses in memory, it seems.

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