Nature on the kerbside

I love to see this. Nature creeping in opportunistically on the kerbside where there has been a degree of relaxation to the normal obsessive but unnecessary Spring and Summer tidying up of our streets by strimming and use of herbicides. It may only be temporary but plants including red valerian, purple loosestrife(?), plantains, birch, spurge, and escapee domesticated daisies, for example, have taken the chance at life around some of the bollards on the edge of the pavement in the centre of the village. Lovely. It enhances our environment, is a resource for wildlife, and increases biodiversity. Several people have noticed hummingbird hawk moths feeding on the valerian flowers recently.

12 Comments on “Nature on the kerbside

  1. Easy to pass them by without really noticing. Yvonne

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    • Yes. That is true. People lead such busy lives with their thoughts on other things. It is easy to miss these little things.

    • Thank you, Linda. I like to see when nature takes over a small bit, even if it is only for a short while, because so many people try to exterminate anything natural in the name of neatness. They don’t seem to realise that there are much more important issues at stake here.

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