Meadow Brown

Meadow Brown butterflies Maniola jurtina (?) feeding on Knapweed and Bramble flowers on a piece of rough pasture at the beginning of the path from the village that leads to Charminster via Wood Hill. The slightly pleated wings of the one individual might indicate perhaps a more recent emergence. Or have I got two species here?

2 Comments on “Meadow Brown

  1. Agree with the Meadow Brown butterfly (Maniola jurtina), female, on the 2nd foto, but above I think, it also might be some Small heath butterfly (Coenonympha pamphilus).

    • Thank you, Puzzleblume. You confirm my own thoughts. I identified the first one as a Small Heath initially but then became uncertain when I saw the second butterfly. I do my best but I find it easy to get things wrong these days. Thank you for your input.

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