Jersey Tiger Moth

When I went out after the first real rain in months, there was barely a thing on the wing, but a solitary and rather spectacular daytime-flying moth was flitting from stem to stem in the local nature area. It even landed briefly on me. It was a Jersey Tiger moth (Euplagia quadripunctaria) with its strikingly patterned black and white forewings, almost concealing the vivid vermilion hind wings with black markings. It was a rather tired specimen with torn wings, and perhaps that is why it stayed in position long enough for me to photograph, first feeding on wild marjoram and then resting on a grass seed head.

6 Comments on “Jersey Tiger Moth

  1. oh, there was one in the woods the other day! I didn’t know what it was – I thought it was a red admiral at first whenit fluttered about too quick to really see, but then it landed on a tree trunk and folded its wings to show its zebra stripes. I was going to look it up but had forgotten all about it until just now. Now I know what it is, so thank you! đŸ¦‹

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