Countryside view with fields, hedgerows and trees.


Red brick building behind trees with blue sky and clouds


This blog is about the natural environment around Greenwood House in Charlton Down, Dorset, where I have lived a quiet and inauspicious life for over 20 years. I am often out and about with my camera recording what I see and observing the constant changes brought about by the weather, the seasons, and land management. I am curious about the history of the building, the village, and the surrounding areas too. Greenwood House has a fascinating history. GREENWOOD blog is a sort of diary to share my enthusiasm for living here by posting lots of photographs, together with snippets of information about all sorts of things that might interest other residents.

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About Me

I’m Jessica. I am enthusiastic about natural history – the kind that exists right on my doorstep – and I love sharing photographs of the wildlife and landscapes that I see as I go out walking from home on a day to day basis. I have been able to indulge my interest in both nature and photography since I retired to a quiet country village after a patchwork career involving different aspects of both nature and history, that included working in a museum natural history department (picture on the left from 50 years ago), a freshwater ecology research laboratory, and as a consultant in archaeomalacology.

I also write Jessica’s Nature Blog and Oysters etc.