“GREENWOOD” is a place to share posts about The Nature & History of my locality

Hi, I’m Jessica, previously a natural history museum curator, research biologist in freshwater ecology, and consultant archaeomalacologist. Now retired, I spend a lot of my time just enjoying the countryside and taking photographs.

Male Muslin Moth (Diaphora mendica)

Muslin Moth

I saw this unusual moth resting on a wall as I walked around Greenwood House. I have never seen one before and it took me a while to identify it. My first thought was that it was a melanistic form of the Peppered Moth (Biston betularia) which is well known because early descriptions of the…

Shady place with sun shining through leaves of a horse chestnut tree

Beside the Path 6

This shady place beneath a horse chestnut tree on a sunny day looks a little magical to me with the sun shining through the leaves. Best seen full size.

Yellow Winter Cress flowers with small Ichneumon wasps

Beside the Path 5

The bright yellow flower heads of Winter Cress (Barbarea vulgaris) make a bright splash of colour now the Dandelions are ending their first blooming. The day I went for the walk they had attracted dozens of flying insects that were competing for mates among the petals – all small Ichneumon wasps (Amblyteles armatorius) which are…

White dead-nettle flowers (Lamium album)

Beside the Path 4

Flowering white dead-nettle amongst the leaves of cleavers, common nettles, and hogweed by the side of the path as I walked around the village (17th May 2022).


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