“GREENWOOD” is a place to share posts about The Nature & History of my locality

Hi, I’m Jessica, previously a natural history museum curator, research biologist in freshwater ecology, and consultant archaeomalacologist. Now retired, I spend a lot of my time just enjoying the countryside and taking photographs.

Shady place with sun shining through leaves of a horse chestnut tree

Beside the Path 6

This shady place beneath a horse chestnut tree on a sunny day looks a little magical to me with the sun shining through the leaves. Best seen full size.

Yellow Winter Cress flowers with small Ichneumon wasps

Beside the Path 5

The bright yellow flower heads of Winter Cress (Barbarea vulgaris) make a bright splash of colour now the Dandelions are ending their first blooming. The day I went for the walk they had attracted dozens of flying insects that were competing for mates among the petals – all small Ichneumon wasps (Amblyteles armatorius) which are…

White dead-nettle flowers (Lamium album)

Beside the Path 4

Flowering white dead-nettle amongst the leaves of cleavers, common nettles, and hogweed by the side of the path as I walked around the village (17th May 2022).

Horse chestnut tree leaves and white flowers of cow parsley

Beside the Path 3

The new unblemished horse chestnut leaves reach down low towards the waist-high white cow parsley flowers beside the path. Later in the year, the leaves will develop the brown blemishes caused by the larvae of the chestnut leaf miner moth, which is a species that has been accidentally introduced to Britain from Spain.


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