Mostly Field Maple leaves on the ground in autumn
Fallen beech leaves on grass in November
Brightly coloured oak leaves in November against a blue sky
Ripe Spindle berries (Euonymous europaeus) releasing their orange seeds in a hedgerow
A blue bowl full of horse chestnut conkers
Leaves of London Plane trees changing colour with the onset of autumn
Berries of the Wayfarer (Viburnum lantana)

Pale Tussock Moth

Thanks again to Marilyn for this picture of a pale Tussock Moth caterpillar (Calliteara or Dasychira pudibunda) on the path near Greenwood House. The adult moth is less colourful. I think I saw a very old and worn female moth on the grass in the CD Nature Reserve in August. The scales had almost entirely disappeared from the wings, leaving only faint markings, so…

White spider on pink Japanese Anemone flower
Magpie Moth on a stony path