Pale Tussock Moth

Thanks again to Marilyn for this picture of a pale Tussock Moth caterpillar (Calliteara or Dasychira pudibunda) on the path near Greenwood House. The adult moth is less colourful. I think I saw a very old and worn female moth on the grass in the CD Nature Reserve in August. The scales had almost entirely disappeared from the wings, leaving only faint markings, so…

White spider on pink Japanese Anemone flower
Magpie Moth on a stony path
Bramble leaves turning red in Autumn
Horse Chestnut tree leaves damaged by Chestnut Leaf Miner moth caterpillars
Red Hawthorn berries thickly covering a slender branch in a hedgerow
Red berries of Black Bryony in the hedgerow
Ladybird larva on a lime tree leaf
Ivy flowers with bee in a hedgerow at Charlton Down in Dorset
Great Willow Herb seed capsules on the riverbank