Three Starlings

Three starlings with wonderful iridescent plumage on the lookout for mischief.

What’s this Bird?

I am not very good at birds. There will always be someone with more knowledge than I. As a rule birds move very fast and that makes them difficult for me to photograph. But back in early June this small bird was hopping uncertainly along the dirt path beside a barley field just ahead of me. It made a some practise flights a few inches from the ground and then scurried into the wayside vegetation. It paused long enough for me to photograph. I think it is an immature female Blackcap (with the lovely scientific name of Sylvia atricapilla). Does anyone else have other ideas about its identification?


I couldn’t resist posting these pictures. Strictly speaking I should not include them because I saw them outside the immediate environment of Greenwood House or Charlton Down. But I had an excursion to Sculpture by the Lakes near Tincleton the other day, and these lovely young goslings caught my eye and looked so cute. There were 14 in all from two broods with all four parent birds keeping an eye on them.

One of fourteen little goslings happily nibbling away at the grass by the waterside at Sculpture by the Lakes.

First Swallows

My first sighting of swallows this year was on 19th April near Forston, not far from Charlton Down, along the Cerne Valley Trail.