Bee Swarm on the Gym

A swarm of honey bees has landed on the brick wall of the local gym. The gym is in a converted chapel from the days when the buildings in the village of Charlton Down were all part of a hospital. The bees have been trying to enter the building high up where there is an air brick in the wall. Apparently, someone will be coming out shortly to take them away and put them in a hive. Meanwhile they are buzzing around and crawling over each other in what looks like a state of confusion.

Beside the Path 5

The bright yellow flower heads of Winter Cress (Barbarea vulgaris) make a bright splash of colour now the Dandelions are ending their first blooming. The day I went for the walk they had attracted dozens of flying insects that were competing for mates among the petals – all small Ichneumon wasps (Amblyteles armatorius) which are solitary parasites that inject their eggs in other species to develop. Online close-up image below.