Speckled Wood

Speckled Wood butterfly (Pararge aegeria) seen yesterday on the path leading to the River Cerne in Charlton Down, Dorset..

Lesser Stag Beetle

I remember my excitement as a child in a London suburb when I found a huge male Stag Beetle in our back garden. It seemed so exotic and monstrous. I have never seen one since even though I have been looking, and have visited sites where special places have been constructed as homes for them. The beetle shown here is the nearest I have come to achieving my goal – but it is a lot smaller than I imagined so I think it must either be a female of that species or the Lesser Stag Beetle (Dorcus parallelipedus) – and unfortunately it is dead.

Ringlet Butterfly

Ringlet butterfly (Aphantopus hyperantus) feeding on a buttercup flower, quickly rotating its position to get the nectar from every petal, and only showing the full identifying pattern of its underwings for a fraction of a second.

Marbled White

A solitary Marbled White butterfly (Melanargia galathea) was fluttering around the wild area of the CD nature reserve yesterday seeking sustenance. It was going from plant to plant looking for flowers on the Knapweed (Centaurea nigra) but most of them have yet to open.

Magpie Moth

This attractive Magpie Moth (Abraxus grossulariata) was photographed the other day by Marilyn, one of my fellow Greenwood House residents. It was resting quietly on the path, making it easier to get up close and take the picture. It is lovely to see what other people spot as they are out walking and enjoying the nature we have around us here in Charlton Down.