Meet the neighbours 3

Hello everyone, I’m Linda – you might know me as a Director of Woodlanders Management Company although this is just a part of who I am.  I’m a microbiologist, run my own company and am the founder of a charity, Altevette Project, which raised money to build a school for impoverished and vulnerable girls living in the remote highlands of Upper Mustang on the Nepalese border with Tibet.  This photo is our school taken a few weeks ago (April 2021).

Most families in this harsh & unforgiving region are subsistence farmers and traditions and lifestyle of that area are largely Tibetan in nature.  Most of our children speak Tibetan as their first language.

Please do check out my website for more information.

Here I am with little Binu (baby) who was our most recent arrival last year.

Meet the Neighbours 2

Woman on pebble beach with camera
Me and my camera

Hi, I’m Jessica, the author and editor of GREENWOOD blog. You may have seen me out in the village with my camera. I am enthusiastic about nature on our doorstep and sharing what I see. I have been able to indulge my interest since I moved here twenty years ago and especially after I retired from a career involving a number of different aspects of both nature and history, including work in a museum, a research laboratory, and as a consultant in archaeology.

I live here with my partner Colin who I first met over 50 years ago at university. He has twin passions – Newport County Football Club of which he is a life-long supporter, and philosophy. As a former teacher of philosophy he continues to enjoy reading, writing, and giving talks about it.

Colin’s football supporter hat and a book about his favourite philosopher

Don’t forget that contributions to this blog are welcomed from any Greenwood House residents. It would be great to put a name to some of the faces we meet and learn a little about them. It could be about one of your interests, hobbies, activities, or something about your life in the past or the present. A picture (or pictures) and a few sentences of description are all that is needed. You can get in touch through the Contact page on the Greenwood site ( Hoping to hear from you.